Hama 5 In 1 Professional Lens Cleaning Kit Cleaner
Brand: Hama
Code: CAB23455-HAMA-73005934

Hama 5 In 1 Professional Lens Cleaning Kit Cleaner

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  Achieve a spotless, sparkling lens for your camera with this high quality cleaning set from Hama.   It comes in 5 parts featuring a variety of handy cleaning tools to help you to get your desired finish. Camera lenses with costly coating and filters do not excuse any mistakes made during the cleaning process, which is why a specialised cleaning kit should become a staple in every photographer’s equipment case.   The kit includes a lens blower brush to gently brush and blow away loose dust and dirt without damaging the lens. Lens cleaning fluid and cleaning tissues are included to give the camera a thorough clean leaving it germ free. A cloth is included to wipe away tougher marks and grime without leaving streaks and doing so in a gentle way to give you a clearer, sharper view of your subjects. The set of two end cotton tips are used to clean hard to reach places such as the very edges of the lens.   Overall you will be nothing less than impressed by the final result, and you will be able to continue to capture images at their full potential with no impairment from a dirty lens. A fantastic little kit for photographers everywhere, at a fantastic little price!   Supplied with: 1x Lens blower brush 1x Lens cleaning fluid 1x pack of Lens cleaning tissues (20 pcs.) 1x Cleaning cloth (100% cotton) 1x Set Two End Cotton Tips (10 pcs)

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