SmartMedia (SM Smart Media) Memory Card 2mb
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SmartMedia (SM Smart Media) Memory Card 2mb

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Smart Media Card
Ranging in MB from 2Mb - 128Mb - (2mb, 4mb, 8mb, 16mb, 32mb,
64mb, 128mb)
Smart Media was popular in digital cameras, and reached its
peak in about 2001 when it garnered nearly half of the digital camera market. It
was backed especially by Fujifilm and Olympus and several other Camera
manufactures, industrial users and keyboard manufactures (Music keyboards).
Though the format started to exhibit problems as camera resolutions increased
and so was replaced by XD by these manufactures. Cards larger than 128 MB were
not available and they ceased production of the Smart Media card in 1998. Those
cards in the market now are the last cards available.
A Smart Media card consists of a single NAND flash chip
embedded in a thin plastic card,[3] although some higher capacity cards contain
multiple, linked chips. It was one of the smallest and thinnest of the early
memory cards, only 0.76mm thick, and managed to maintain a favourable cost ratio
as compared to the others.
Check your device for maximum capacity or
use our online compatibility selector at the top of our site to ensure you are
purchasing the correct memory.

Weight: 2 g
Size: 45.0 × 37.0 × 0.76 mm
Capacities: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 MB
Uses 16-Mbit, 32-Mbit, and 64-Mbit Toshiba TC58-compatible NAND-type flash
memory chips
Flat electrode terminal with 22 pins — (32M & 64M compatible)
8-bit I/O Interface (16-bit in some cases)
Data transfer rate: 2MB/s
1,000,000 read/write cycles
Ten year storage time without power
Metallic write-protect sticker
Compatible with PCMCIA with an adapter
Compatible with CompactFlash Type II with an adapter
Compatible with 3.5" Floppy drive using FlashPath adapter

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