Ex-Pro Replacement part AP-V14,15,16,18 JVC In-Car AC Power Supply Adapter
Brand: Ex-Pro
Code: CAB16780-CAR-APV14-V1
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Ex-Pro Replacement part AP-V14,15,16,18 JVC In-Car AC Power Supply Adapter

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Provides AC In-Car Power supply to Camera's/Camcorders using JVC Part AP-V14, AP-V14U, AP-V14A, AP-V14E, AP-V15E, AP-V15U, AP-16U, AP-V18, AP-V18U, AP-V14KR Ideal where consistant shooting is required to power the JVC unit without the need for a battery. Automatic overload protection circuit. LED operation indiciation. Lifetime Ex-Pro Warranty ROHS, CE Approved and manufactured to a high standard. Adapter Model's :- AP-V14 AP-V14U AP-V14A AP-V14E AP-V15E AP-V15U AP-16U AP-V18 AP-V18U AP-V14KR LY21103-001A LY21103-001B LY21103-001C LY21103-001D LY21103-002A LY21103-002B LY21103-002C LY21103-003A LY21103-003B LY21103-003C LY21103-004A LY2 004C LY21103-007A LY21103-009A LY21103-009C LY21103-010B LY21103-011A LY21103-011B LY21103-012B JVC GR-D Series GR-D23 GR-D23E GR-D24 GR-D32 GR-D32U GR-D230EK GR-D23EK GR-D240EK GR-D24EK GR-D260EK GR-D290EK GR-D33EK GR-D43EK GR-D53EK GR-D63EK GR-D73EK GR-D93EK GR-DF420EK GR-DF460EK GR-DF470EK GR-DX107EK GR-DX27EK GR-DX28EK GR-DX307EK GR-DX37EK GR-DX57EK GR-DX67EK GR-DX77EK GR-DX97EK GR-DZ7EK GR-D32US GR-D33ER GR-D33U GR-D33U GR-D33US GR-D43 GR-D43U GR-D43US GR-D53 GR-D53U GR-D53US GR-D53AG GR-D71 GR-D71U GR-D71US GR-D72 GR-D72U GR-D72US GR-D73 GR-D73U GR-D73US GR-D74 GR-D74U GR-D74US GR-D93 GR-D93U GR-D93US GR-D94 GR-D94U GR-D94US GR-D168 GR-D168U GR-D168US GR-D230 GR-D230U GR-D230US GR-D250 GR-D250U GR-D250US GR-D271 GR-D271U GR-D271US GR-D270 GR-D270U GR-D270US GR-D275 GR-D275U GR-D275US GR-D290 GR-D290U GR-D290US GR-D295 GR-D295US GR-D244 GR-D244U GR-D244US GR-D350 GR-D350U GR-D350US GR-D370 GR-D370U GR-D370US GR-D371 GR-D371U GR-D371US GR-D375 GR-D375U GR-D375US GR-D390 GR-D390U GR-D390US GR-D395 GR-D395U GR-D395US GR-D396 GR-D396U GR-D396US NEW XXXXXX GR-D650US GR-D650U GR-D650 GR-D372US GR-D372U GR-D372 GR-D750US GR-D750U GR-D750 GR-D770US GR-D770U GR-D770 GR-D771US GR-D771U GR-D771 GR-D775US GR-D775U GR-D775 GR-D790US GR-D790U GR-D790 GR-D796US GR-D796U GR-D796 GR-D850 GR-D850U GR-D850US GR-D870 GR-D870U GR-D870US GR-D875 GR-D875U GR-D875US JVC GR-DX Series GR-DX27E GR-DX77 GR-DX77U GR-DX77US GR-DX97 GR-DX97U GR-DX97US GR-DX307 GR-DX307U GR-DX307US JVC GR-SXM Series GR-SXM30 GR-SXM37 GR-SXM37U GR-SXM37US GR-SXM50 GR-SXM161US GR-SXM168 GR-SXM168U GR-SXM168US GR-SXM260 GR-SXM260U GR-SXM260US GR-SXM265 GR-SXM265U GR-SXM265US GR-SXM38 GR-SXM38U GR-SXM38US JVC GR-DF Series GR-DF430 GR-DF430U GR-DF430US GR-DF450 GR-DF450U GR-DF450US GR-DF470 GR-DF470U GR-DF470US GR-DF550 GR-DF550U GR-DF550US JVC GR-FXM Series GR-FXM404 GR-FXM40 JVC GZ-MC Series GZ-MC500 GZ-MC500U GZ-MC500US JVC GZ-MC Series GZ-MG40 GZ-MG40U GZ-MG40US GZ-MG50 GZ-MG50U GZ-MG50US GZ-MG20 GZ-MG20U GZ-MG20US GZ-MG30 GZ-MG30U GZ-MG30US GZ-MG35 GZ-MG35U GZ-MG35 GZ-MG35US GZ-MG70 GZ-MG70U GZ-MG70US GZ-MG27 GZ-MG27U GZ-MG27US GZ-MG37 GZ-MG37U GZ-MG37US GZ-MG21 GZ-MG21U GZ-MG21US GZ-MG67 GZ-MG67U GZ-MG67US GZ-MG77 GZ-MG77U GZ-MG77US GZ-MG20EK Other JVC Camcorder models GR-DZ7US GR-SX26 GR-AX890US GR-FX16 GR-MC100US GR-MC200US GR-AXM17U GR-AXM17US GR-X5US GR-X5 GR-X5U GR-AXM18U GR-AXM18US

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