Ex-Pro Optical TOSlink SPDIF Splitter - 3 Port - Plus 2 x High Resolution Digital Optical TOSlink Cable, 1m
Brand: Ex-Pro
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Ex-Pro Optical TOSlink SPDIF Splitter - 3 Port - Plus 2 x High Resolution Digital Optical TOSlink Cable, 1m

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Ex-Pro 3 Way optical splitter - Great flexibility for your (Opitcal) digital components with this versatile, high quality Digital Optical Selector Switch. This 3-Way Digital Optical Selector Switch lets you connect up to three different optical digital components to a component with only one optical digital input. The selector allows you to switch from one component to another just by turning the selector dial – no more disconnecting and connecting cables or moving equipment around. You can play any of the three components you connect and enjoy the output through your home theater system. [Package] Professional Cables Included : - Ex-Pro TJ1 Professional Gold Optical cable, tripple shielded 6mm, ideal for installations - Connect your optical device to optical input - Optical to Optical digital Pro audio cable with gold plated metal housed connections for the ultimate connection. Tripple shielded cable, Nylon mesh outer brace for maximum flexibility whilst protecting the inner cable, ideal for installations or looks great for professional equipment. Toslink to Toslink (Square type plug to Square type plug). Unit has dust caps on the end of the cable which require removal prior to use. Exceeds output tests on all competitor cables of this standard.TOSlink Pro Optical Splitter 3 cables into 1 socket. [PACK INCLUDES :] 1 x Splitter - Plus 2 x High Resolution Digital Optical TOSlink Cable - 24K Gold / Metal Casing - TosLink to TosLink Optical Cable, 1mFour optical digital jacks. The output jack connects to the main unit to which you would like to expand the number of optical jacks (normally a digital audio/video receiver/amplifier). The three input jacks connect to the source devices and allow you to output digital audio to your main unit.Switch easily between sources instead of disconnecting and reconnecting cables when needing to change inputs. The compact design will fit in tight areas between components.3 Toslink optical inputs and 1 Toslink output (bi-directional: can go in reverse direction), Allows you to connect up to three audio/video sources to one input, Jacks are compatible with fiber optic cables with Toslink connectors at each end.Provides interference and distortion free signal transmission (0 db signal loss), PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS signals can be passed through this unit, Simple to operate plug & play manual selector. Does not require a power source. Switch Colour, Silver & Black/Silver & Blue

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