DigPro ET470 360° 2nd Gen Motorised Heavy Duty Photography Turntable with App. Control, Inc Image Processing Gen2
DigPro ET470 360° 2nd Gen Motorised Heavy Duty Photography Turntable with App. Control, Inc Image Processing Gen2
DigPro ET470 360° 2nd Gen Motorised Heavy Duty Photography Turntable with App. Control, Inc Image Processing Gen2
DigPro ET470 360° 2nd Gen Motorised Heavy Duty Photography Turntable with App. Control, Inc Image Processing Gen2
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DigPro ET470 360° 2nd Gen Motorised Heavy Duty Photography Turntable with App. Control, Inc Image Processing Gen2

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DigPro 360° Product Photography System (ET-470)

DigPro 360° product photography system provides a simple, economical and efficient way for users to make 360 ° product images by themselves. The 360° electronic turntable (ET-470) is suitable for making 360° spin image of medium or large sized objects ranging from eyewear to portrait, clothing, electrical appliances. With DigPro’s free online production software 360img.net, everyone can easily create interactive 360° product images in just 5 minutes.

You Can Do It Yourself

DigPro 360° Electronic Turntable makes the 360° image production process becomes simple and efficient. The automatic operation process enables everyone to make 360° product images quickly.

Simply Fast & Efficient

With DigPro iPhotoBox Lite Mini Photo Studio, you can simply use any digital camera to capture pure white background product shots. DigPro’s online production software 360img.net can compose the product shots and generate a web-ready 360° spin images for you in 1 minute. Therefore, you can create and upload 360° product views anytime you want!

High Quality & Cost-Effective

With DigPro 360° Electronic Photography System, you can create infinite high-quality 360° rotation product images by yourself, saving a lot of cost for product photography.

Attractive & Effective Production Presentation

General flat product pictures can no longer satisfy customers. According to the study of ADOBE SCENE 7 named “What Shoppers Want”, more than 90% of consumers want to be able to view product from multiple angles! 360° product presentation has become a new trend of online marketing. Now use interactive 360° rotation image to present your products and create a brand new online shopping experience for your customers.

Touch, Drag, Rotate

Customers can use their mouse or finger to control the rotating product image and view the product from different angles. 360° spin image enables the interaction between customers and products. Customers can therefore understand the product thoroughly and effectively.





  1. Upgrade website design, create unique brand image
  2. 360° presentation, overcome the barriers of online shopping
  3. Increase the interaction between customers and products, make online marketing creative
  4. Extend the time on browsing the website to reduce the bounce rate of the website
  5. Reduce customer uncertainty during shopping online, increase transaction opportunities and conversion rates


Make 360° Product Images in A Flash


Get Your Product Ready to Shoot

Adjust & Snap

Software processing

create interactive 360° product images in just 5 minutes

Items Included

360° Electronic Photography Turntable ET-470
LCD Display Panel
Central Point Positioning Ruler
Professional Aluminum Box


Precise & Stable

  • 72 Points of Infrared Precise Positioning Technolog
  • Professional Stepper Motor Electrical System
  • Soundless and Stable Movement
  • Max. Loading Weight 160KG

Two Modes

  • Provide 2 shooting modes: Photographing or Videoing
  • Photographing Mode: 18/36/72 frames for selection
  • Videoing Mode: Finish recording in 2 minutes
  • Able to choose direction of turning

Wireless Control

  • Free download of mobile application for controlling turntable
  • Support iOS & Android Systems
  • Work with WiFi transmitter and shoot automatically (WiFi Synchronized Connection with camera & turntable)

Free Software

  • Free to use online software 360img.net to produce 360° image
  • Able to generate and download as HTML & GIF formats
  • Able to convent MP4 to JPED


Turntable Diameter:45cm
Max. size of photographed object:/
Max. Loading Weight:160KG
Power:Complying with international power supply requirements from 110-230V, 50-60 Hz, Full Voltage
Software:www.360img.net Free Online Production Software
Compatible Camera:Any DC or DSLR (WiFi transmitter compatible with any camera with hot shoe)
Package included:
  • DigPro ET-470 Electronic Turntable x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • LCD Display Monitor x1
  • Adaptor x1
  • Aluminum Case x1
  • Warranty Card x1
  • Central Ruler x1
  • 360img.net Access
Packing Size:67x52x15cm (L*H*W)
Net Weight:10kg

360img.net Online Production Software

360° AR Imaging Hosting & Production Hub (https://www.360img.net) provides an easy-to-use and effective photo editing tool to the users with various practical functions including auto background removal, background replacement, auto-cropping, company watermark adding and photo editing.

Input Formats:Photos (JPEG, PNG), Video (MP4)
Functions:Add Company Watermark, Slogan, MP3 File, Background Removal, Image Adjust, Size Crop
Output Formats:Download HTML, GIF or JPEG
Output Size:320px, 480px, 640px, 960px, 1280px
Output Quality:Fine, High, Superior
Image Rotating Speed:Slow, Normal, Fast

After-sale Service

Technical Support

3-month global online support will be provided. If you have any query regarding the product operation.


24-month warranty will be provided. Please register the warranty within 14 days upon receipt of the product. Please keep the original sales invoice in proper condition. Customers are required to present the original sales invoice to the Company upon request for warranty service.

Tutorial Video

Mobile Application

WiFi Transmitter

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