Waffle Makers

Cook up a delicious treat with an electric waffle maker. Our waffle machine range has everything you need to whip up your favourite dessert from the comfort of your own kitchen – simply top with ice cream, fruit, syrup or chocolate sauce for the perfect indulgent snack. Check them out below!

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Dual or Single Waffle Makers for Delicious Fluffy Waffles
From indulgent breakfasts to a delicious, sweet desserts, our waffle makers are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Cook one or two waffles at a time, exactly to your favourite recipe – so whether you like them light or crispy, you’ll be sure your waffle is made to your tastes. Top with ice cream, golden or maple syrup, bananas, strawberries, chocolate sauce, cream, or whatever you’re craving – there are few tastier treats than fluffy waffles!

Heart-Shaped Waffle Makers for Authentic Norwegian Waffles

Our mini waffle makers cook bite-size mini waffles if you're sharing (or a large one if you aren’t). Its adjustable temperature control takes the hassle out of cooking and, with its aluminium cooking plate and non-stick coating, they’re also easy to clean when you’re done.

Square Dual Waffle Maker for American Style Waffles

With its automatic temperature control and quick heating plates, you can have thick, fluffy waffles – American or Belgian – in as little as a few minutes! And, thanks to its stylish stainless steel design, this waffle maker is sure to take pride of place on your countertop.
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