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Keep your garden nice and warm with our range of electric patio heaters.  Perfect for long summer evenings and short winter nights, electric patio heaters are an excellent option for quickly heating your outdoor space, so you can stay cosy and enjoy your garden, terrace, deck or alfresco dining area for even longer. With a range of options available - from freestanding manoeuvrable patio heaters that keep you toasty, to wall mounted electric patio heaters that radiate heat in the direction you want - you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. Order your patio heater today!
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Outdoor Patio Heaters
Make the most of your outdoor space no matter the weather with our range of electric patio heaters. Whether you’re planning an outdoor gathering, BBQ dinner party, or just enjoying the evening outdoors, you’ll find the perfect solution to keep you and your guest’s cosy and comfortable.

Freestanding Patio Heaters

Boost your comfort with a floor-standing portable patio heater. Store them away on warmer days and bring them out when the temperature tumbles. Not only that – these electric heaters produce a pleasant deep orange warm glow and create a great, cosy ambience. Our freestanding patio heaters feature tip-over protection and splash protection, for extra peace of mind. Mains powered, the electric outdoor heaters run on electricity rather than gas or other flammable fuel - meaning no odours, chemicals, or fumes.

Wall Mounted Patio Heaters

Our patio heaters are perfect for maintaining the outdoor party mood, even when an unexpected chill sets in. Keep warm, cosy and relaxed with our wall mounted patio heaters. These outdoor heaters are easy to install at exactly the right height for you. The head is easy to position from 0 to 45 degrees, so you can direct the heat exactly where you need it. – ideal for outdoor seating areas. And, with different heat settings, they can easily be adjusted to match your comfort levels, so you’ll never have to feel the cold.
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